Sprotek STK-8903 Computer Repair Tool Kit – 55Pcs

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• 3 Claw Parts Retriever
• Tweezers
• Chip Extractor
• 5″ Long Nose Pliers
• 4-1/2″ Side Cutter
• Reversible Ratchet Handle
• 10Pcs Assorted Bits
SubmitSlotted:4, 6mm
SubmitPhilips:PH1, PH2
SubmitPozi:PZ1, PZ2
SubmitTorx:T8, T10, T15
1Pc Adapter Bit for Socket
• 5Pcs Socket Set
• Anti-Static/Anti Shock Wrist Band
• LAN Cable Tester
• Modular Crimps, Strips and Cut Tool
• Utility Component Storage Case
• Accessories includes :
Jumpers / Washers / Screws (2 types)
• Pen-shaped Screwdriver Tool with LED
2Pcs Double-Ended Bits:
SL3 & PH1; SL1.6 & PH00
• 9Pcs Allen Wrench Set
• Durable Zippered Storage Case


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